Aggie Field of Honor

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About AFOH

The major challenge in developing the shared cemetery Master Plan was to develop a common vision that both the City and Texas A&M could embrace, without undermining the distinctiveness that the City and University both desired to maintain as burial grounds for the City’s residents, the former students, staff, and friends of the University. Members of the City Council made it clear in their July 13, 2006 workshop that this was a municipal cemetery first. Yet, it was understood that the Aggie section must be distinctive and clearly identifiable as the Field of Honor.

A consultant team, working with the Cemetery Advisory Committee, held a series of public meetings and a design charette to allow for public input, foster discussion, and establish a common vision that would achieve the objectives of both the City and Texas A&M. With the knowledge gained during the public meeting and design charette, the consultant team and advisory committee explored different options that provided distinct, sustainable, and flexible design options that could be incorporated into the Cemetery Master Plan.

Design Elements

  • Stone Walls and Columns
  • Ceremonial Gateways
  • Prominent Columbarium
  • Natural "Texas" Landscape
  • Evergreen Edges

Property Location

3800 Raymond Stotzer Parkway (NW corner of F.M. 2818 and F.M. 60)
Property spans a total of 56.573 acres. Phase I will be approximately 10 acres, with 5 acres each for the municipal cemetery and Aggie Field of Honor sections.

Space Types & Prices

Aggie Field of Honor
Standard Space (4'x9') $3,000
Columbaria Niche (12"x12"x12") $1,650

* Normal sales operations will commence with the opening of the facility

Gift Giving, Endowment Opportunities

An Endowment Fund has been established for the Memorial Cemetery, and it is structured to allow for donations and gifts to assist in the maintenance and beautification of this facility.

Governing Ordinance

On February 14, 2008, the College Station City Council approved a new Section 29, Chapter 1, of the College Station Code of Ordinances. This document outlines the rules and regulations for the municipal cemetery system. For a copy of the Ordinance #3044, please click here.